Our wines

Our work in the vineyards and in the cellars, inspired by the respect and dialogue with nature, enables us to offer a wine that represents the energy and the characteristics of the specific “terroir”. The nature of the soil of both vineyards is particularly suited for refined select wines, as the soil consists of sandy marble sediments with local, sandy veins of fine loamy material and bigger blocks of sedimentary, clay-poor and well-drained rock.


For the quality of our work in the vineyards and the cellar, we have obtained the certificate of biodynamic production with the mark “AGRIBIODINAMICA”. In 2012 our vineyards achieved biological certification (by BIOS) and in 2013 we  get the same certification for our cellars.



Spessiàri Dolcetto di Ovada

Countour plowing vineyard located on the south-south / east side of the Rocca Grimalda hills in a locality called Bernarda / Vallegrande, totally recovered from invasion forest.

The vine is the dolcetto, the new plant created to complete the hillock, it mixes vines from different mass selections that integrate their qualities to give a product of excellence.

Year: 2017



Sibrà red wine


Old vineyard located on the slopes of an ancient Roman settlement and a legendary place of esoteric encounters.

The small plot has maintained the original peasant plant, with native vines and plants over 60 years old that help create an interesting and characteristic bouquet of aromas and perfumes.

Year: 2016


Sibranin red wine

Old peasant vineyard in the locality known as Trionzo, with stumps older than 60 years, located in the hills of Rocca Grimalda. With southwest exposition in white soil, in an altitude of 300 meters above sea level.

Year: 2018


Retrò red wine

The ripest grapes from both vineyards are brought to the cellar, pressed by feet and left to ferment while maintaining the stalks, as was vinified in the past.

After the pressing, passages are carried out in large barrels, several decantings and a long refinement in the bottle. This type of vinification enhances the aromas and flavors of the wine, thanks to the high component of tannins it is extraordinary in aging giving refined and intense sensations.

Year: 2015


Gesusio Ovada Docg - Dolcetto di Ovada Superiore

The vineyard in which Gesusio is produced has vines older than 60 years, and is located in the hills of Rocca Grimalda in the locality of Bernarda/Vallegrande. Gesusio is a Dolcetto di Ovada Superiore, vinified in a classic way, enhancing the characteristics of elegance and finesse of this extraordinary vineyard.


Year: 2016


Seinipoti Ovada Docg 


2017 excellent vintage: 6 grandchildren achieved in a bang!!!

Celebratory Magnum - Numbered bottles

The best grapes from the vineyard situated in the hills of Rocca Gimalda's antique "cru" named "Bernarada/Vallegrande" create this delicious wine, the south/south east exposition of this limestone and tuff land in an altitude of 300 above sea level make it ideal for receiving the perfect amount of sunshine.


Year: 2017