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The vineyard

Why we speak of “farmers” vineyards


What characterises the farmers’ vineyard and defines its physiognomy is the project/vision of family micro economy, which is its basis: the farmer would plan his working areas in order to meet the needs of a micro cosmos and to maintain high efficiency of the surrounding domain in the course of time without damaging it. In the vineyards, we always find a shed for the tools, because the plots were often far from home. There were usually also little plots of marginal vineyards cultivated for the table or for a few bottles of sweet white  dessert wine, fruit trees, canes and willows to tie the vines, officinal herbs and ornamental plants. Besides the esthetical impact on landscape, this tradition enhances the sense of nature as a complex organism: a symphony of functions, colours, perfumes, sounds. The farmer did not waste anything, observed and payed attention to the needs of his vineyard, trying to collaborate with nature at his best. Nowadays this productive cultivating profile proofs to be at the same time modern as well as poetic. Our purpose is to transfer this sense of the territory into our wine..


Tours of the vineyards and cellars


It is possible to take a walk in the vineyards and visit the cellars of the castle on fixed days, as published on the calendar on the website, or on demand, if it is compatible with the workings of the vineyard and cellar.

Our wines can be purchased directly from the cellars of the castle at Rocca Grimalda.

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